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I discovered this book many years ago in an elementary classroom where it was being used as a daily morning exercise. “Droodles: The Classic Collection” by Roger Price is a wonderful collection of minimalist type drawings with humorous titles. Since I have had this book for quite a while it may be hard for you to find. Here is a similar book, The Ultimate Droodles Compendium for those of you interested in adding it to your personal library.

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  • I have used this book while subbing for many different grade levels, but I think that it works best for 5th graders.
  • I like to show an image and then ask kids for their own interpretations before sharing the title.
  • Students often come up with really creative ideas for new titles and it can be fun for them to share their ideas with the class.
  • There are a few inappropriate drawings that I skip over when using this book in a classroom. I put post-it notes over the pages that I don’t want to accidentally show to the kids.

This is really a great book and can be used as an entertaining filler activity when subbing.

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