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A Flock of Shoes

One of my all time favorite books to read out loud is A Flock of Shoes by Sarah Tsiang. It is a beautifully written story that is so captivating and full of quirky surprises. The illustrations by Qin Leng are just delightful, creative, and highly entertaining.

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  • While listening to this story kids really use their imaginations to visualize what is happening.
  • Most of the time kids can relate to the main character loving her shoes so much.
  • It is fun to have a discussion with the class after this story. They really like to talk about their own favorite shoes and why they like them so much.
  • As an extension activity, I like to have kids draw their favorite shoes. Older students can write about the many reasons that they like their favorite shoes.
  • This book works best as a read aloud for second grade.

The author has provided post-card templates for teachers to use as an extension activity. This looks like a really fun idea to try out and would be great printed double-sided on card stock. Here is a link to her site with the PDF files if you would like to download them and print them out.

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