What’s great about subbing?

Every day is different when substitute teaching. It is impossible to predict what the day will be like. It is exciting and new every day.

What I like best about subbing is getting to see kids at different ages.

  • There are specific traits that all kids have when they are certain ages and I have started to recognize some of the characteristics that are unique to each grade level.
  • For example, first graders are fond of repetition and routine and respond well when you do what they are expecting.
  • Also, if you give an inch, they will quickly devolve into chaos. Stand firm (but kindly) with first grade.

A great aspect to substitute teaching is that tomorrow is always a brand new day.

  • I don’t have to spend very much mental energy worrying about the next day like a regular classroom teacher.
  • Most of the day is pre-planned for me by the teacher that I am subbing for.
  • I have a set of back up activities and read aloud books that I bring with me so that I am prepared for what the day may bring. That definitely reduces my overall stress level. Then at the end of the day when my job is done, I can stop thinking about it.

Some of the benefits to substitute teaching are:

  • The schedule is flexible so I can take time off when I need to for important events. As a substitute, I have the ability to set my schedule up to be available when my kids need me.
  • Subs are in high demand in my area, so there is a lot of choice in where I can work. If a particular class or teacher or school is not a good fit it would be easy to find another place to work.
  • The pay is a fair amount of money, in my area, for the time spent working. Also, a great benefit is having summers off.

Subbing has been a great choice for me for all of these reasons and many more. What do you think is great about subbing? What kinds of things do you like about being a substitute teacher?

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